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's attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi in libya. the house oversight committee will weigh in on security failings during a hearing that's happening later today. and the state department is now saying that the attack was not a spontaneous off shoot of protests. they say u.s. and libyan security personnel in benghazi were out manned, a reasonable security presence would not have fended off the assault. u.s. ambassador cyst center stevens and three other americans were killed in that attack. senior international correspondent arwa damon went to the consulate ruins to help piece together exactly what happened. >> reporter: amid the ashes, soot, and debris, remnants of the life that was. it's all that remained in the unguarded u.s. consulate compound in benghazi when cnn arrived on the scene three days after the spleptember 11th atta. eyewitnesses told us it was a complex assault. the compound's first line of defense easily breached. according to one of the libyan guards who was stationed at the gate, armed with only a radio, the assault happened simultaneously from three diffe
. >>> new developments in the september 11th attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. a 28-year-old man suspected of taking part is now in custody in tunisia. u.s. officials say the fbi will be allowed to question him. the suspect was reportedly posting details of the benghazi attack on social media websites as it was happening. >>> we also have new developments in the shooting of anti-taliban activist malala yousufzai. pakistani police say they have six people in custody i, but th man they call the main shooting suspect, atta ullah khan is still at large. malala is making good progress, she's reportedly fighting an infection, but she's able to move her fingers and toes and stand up with help from the nurses. >>> and one man known as the kung fu panda destroyed the tigers in game one of the world series. pablo sandoval tied a home run record. he's just the fourth player ever to accomplish this feat. he's the first to do it in his first three at-bats in the world series. and sandoval did hit two of these home runs off of detroit ace, justin verlander, who has been pitching better
teenager's death. monster is selling the top selling energy drink in the u.s. it comes in 24 ounce cans. it contains 240 milligrams of caffeine. that's about seven times the caffeine in a 12-ounce coke. >>> the es changed wife who was the target of the shooting rampage at that milwaukee area spa is being called a hero. one of zena haughton's clients told the chicago tribune she approached her husband and tried to shield a receptionist as she attempted to defuse the situation on sunday. police say radcliff haughton shot seven women, including three of them whom he killed, including zina. he then shot and killed himself. >>> we have some liftoff. just minutes ago a soyuz rocket launched from kazakhston sending three new crew members into ash bit. they're en route to the international space station at this very moment. it includes two cosmonauts and nasa flight engineer kevin ford. they're scheduled to arrive at the space station on thursday. >>> okay the giants win the pennant. the giants win the pennant. no, it is not 1951. it's 2012. the giants ruthed the cardinals 9-0 to win the alcs i
the iranian president now seeking asylum in the u.s. why is he running? and could he have top-secret information? >>> plus, deadly new details about operation fast & furious. 57 previously undiscovered guns, now linked to that botched atf operation. >>> a packed show ahead. sean spicer, republicans committee communications director. ted strickland. emmy award winning sports caster len berman and actor cary elwes famous for his role in the princess bride. >> it is tuesday, october 2nd. as you wish, "starting point" begins right now. >> all right your starting point the countdown to tomorrow night's high-stakes presidential debates. >> you are about to look live at a stage where it will all unfold at the university of denver. there is president obama and mitt romney preparing to go face-to-face for 90 minutes with the presidency hanging in the balance. >> most americans head to the polls in five weeks. but by that time, an estimated 30% of the country will have already voted. >> early voting gets under way this morning in the battleground state of ohio, and the not so battlegrou
is linked to the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya that killed four americans. "the wall street journal" identified the militant as mohammed jamal abu ahmed and reports that u.s. intelligence has been monitoring his movements. meanwhile, the state department has pulled all u.s. government personnel out of benghazi. "the washington post" reports the consulate is closed, and locked up. but the scene of the deadly attack remains unguarded. >>> there's also word that the white house has held a series of secret meetings over the past few months, due to concern about the growing threat of al qaeda's north africa branch. "the post" reports that a part of the discussion is focused on potential u.s. military strikes against the group known as al qaeda in the islamic magreb. >>> huge heads up for those of you who purchased the new iphone 5. apple support forums online are being overloaded with complaints about a bug that drains cellular data usage even when phones are connected to wi-fi. now this is forcing people to blow through their data caps in a matter of days. apple has not publicly comment
on that protests sparked the attack. u.s. ambassador christopher stevens and three other americans died in last month's terror attack in libya. >>> the 45-year-old ex-marine who opened fire at a walk area spa was allegedly hunting down his estranged wife. three women were killed in yesterday's rampage but police haven't said if zena haughton was among them. police say the suspected shooter radcliff haughton was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound inside the spa. >>> former senator george mcgovern is being remembered as a war hero who became a champion of peace. mcgovern died at the age of 90. he was a democratic nominee for president in 1972 but lost in a land slide to richard nixon. bill and hillary clinton among a number of other democrats cut their teeth by working in politics for mcgovern in the early '70s. the clintons say he was a tireless advocate for human rights and dignity. >>> cycling's governing body will decide if it will strip lance armstrong of his seven tour de france titles. a decision being made right now by international cycling union president pat mcquaid. the u.s.
e-mails detailing information about last month's deadly assault on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. according to those e-mails the white house and the state department were informed a militant islamic group had claimed credit for the attack, two hours after it began. and u.s. diplomats were providing details to officials in washington while it was happening. now, in a moment we're going to get reaction from congressman mike rogers who is the chairman of the house intelligence committee. >>> a massive document dump reveals the state of massachusetts knew about reports that necc was breaking prescription laws over the past decade. the documents show complaints from doctors and even complaints from officials in iowa, wisconsin and texas. but massachusetts failed to take tough action. necc is behind a nationwide meningitis outbreak now up to 304 cases and four other infections, including 23 deaths in 17 states. >>> a deadly shark attack off the coast of santa barbara in california. police say the victim was an expert surfer. he was riding the waves with friends off the santa barbara co
for an increase in supply and early switch to a winter blend fuel. >>> u.s. treasury markets are closed for the holiday but stock markets will be open and concerns about growth pushing u.s. stock futures down. the world bank lowered its outlook for growth in asia overnight. >>> new report today from the house intelligence committee says chinese tell communications companies huawei and zte could threaten national security in the u.s. because of their ties to the chinese government. the report says the companies have records of intellectual property violations and alleged ties to iran. it also says, quote, china has the means, opportunity and motive to use telecommunication companies for malicious purposes. they call it dangerous political distractions and they say its products are safe. >>> hugo chavez overcomes the strongest challenge to his political future to win his third term as president of venezuela. analysts says the results show chavez is weaker politically in that country. paula newton has been following the vote for us in caracas. good morning. >> good morning, soledad. 10%, h
inside. >>> a contentious four-hour hearing on the terror attack that killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans, it quickly turned political. house republicans questioned the administration's motives and criticized the white house for security lapses at the u.s. consulate in benghazi. democrats fired back, accusing house republicans of cutting funds for security and turning a tragedy into a side show. >> and i am fascinated to know and to understand, from the president of the united states, from the secretary of state, and from the ambassador to the united nations, how they can justify that this video caused this attack. it was a terrorist attack. let's be honest about it. >> i certainly hope that today's hearing is not going to be perceived as an effort to exploit a tragedy for political purposes 27 days out from an election. >> meanwhile, mitt romney has agreed to stop talking about the day he met former navy s.e.a.l. glen doherty. doherty was killed last month. benghazi attack. his grieving mother accused romney of politicizing her son's death. >>> the evide
former u.s. congressman joe sestak will join us. kamau bell is our guest and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani will be joining us this morning. "starting point" is, of course, the highly anticipated rematch, the second presidential debate just a day away. the race is at tight as it gets. two brand-new polls to talk about this morning. first from "the washington post"/abc news. president has a slim three-point lead among likely voters. well within the margin of error. even closer in a politico/george washington university poll this morning, the president's lead among likely voters is just one percent which makes it a statistical dead heat. battleground states now. the poll has mitt romney ahead of the president by two points, essentially tied. while the abc/"washington post" poll shows the president with a five-point lead in the battleground states. both campaigns looking forward to the debate tomorrow night. tackling president obama's lucklaster performance, as well. listen. >> he knew when he walked up that stage, and he also knew as he's watched the tape of that debate that he'
with explosives. this attack comes a day after a firefight left two americans dead, including the 2,000th u.s. military member to be killed in afghanistan. >>> syria's foreign minister takes center stage on the final day of the u.n. general assembly session. he will address the delegates latest this morning and defend the assad regime's handling of the 18-month crisis that has spiraled into a civil war. syria has been a prime focus for world leaders at the united nations over the past week. >>> we are expecting an announcement today in that mystery surrounding the location of jimmy hoffa's remains. investigators are waiting for tests on mud and clay samples from a home in suburban detroit. they searched under a shed there on friday. a tipster, you will remember, claimed he saw what appeared to be a body being buried at the site the day after the former teamster's chief disappeared back in 1975. >>> sports, sunday night football the super bowl champion new york giants falling to the philadelphia eagles 19-17 in a clash of nfc east powers. a 54-yard field goal attempt in the closing seconds by
but for right now still hurts out there. >>> a u.s. stock futures are flat indicate being markets will open unchanged. stocks closed slightly lower yesterday. there's uncertainty weighing heavily. the international monetary fund lowered its global growth forecast. for the next year expects the u.s. economy to grow at 2%. the eurozone look at that 0.2%. not growing. china 8.2%. looks pretty good. these are all weaker forecasts than their last report in july. for ten years china was growing at 10%. even slowing down a little bit to 7% or 8% and causing concerns. >> as john was talking about a moment ago the presidential race is a whole new ball game according to at least one new poll. the pew research next shows republican mitt romney leading president barack obama 45% to 49%. they were asking republicans more these questions. pew talked nor democrats last month. gallup's daily tracking poll shows president obama ahead of mitt romney by five points. let's go to marsha blackburn, a romney campaign surrogate. the poll numbers the significant rise for mitt romney and drop for barack obama, is th
's the first part where he's trying to tell the american public that it's because somebody in the u.s. used their freedom of first amendment right and made a video that was negative that caused the problem. >> are you -- >> this is ridiculous that you're trying -- that you're trying to defend the president, who two weeks later, five days later he sends out his ambassador to the u.n. to five talk shows to say it's the video. >> governor -- >> two weeks later the president goes to the international stage, and says video six times. that's ridiculous. >> governor -- >> it's ridiculous you're trying to defend him on this. >> i'm trying to get a question to you. if i may, if you look at the rose garden statement, you say earlier. it is not there. there is no videotape that he's talking about. he's talking about people have argued that maybe he's talking about 9/11, it was the day after the anniversary of 9/11, certainly. but if you look at the actual statement from the rose garden, in this particular one, he does say act of terror. what candy corrected him, the governor, on last night was that is
by a u.s. drone attack in yemen. the attack took place in a farmhouse in southern yemen. nard al that shrksadoti were am those that were killed. this is a very funny event hosted by the new york arch diocese. the president campaigns in new hampshire before heading to the big apple, where he will also tape "the daily show with jon stewart." the third and final presidential debate takes place monday night. that will focus on foreign policy. cnn's live coverage from boek ka raton, florida, begins at 7:00 eastern time. >>> the women behind the candidates also on the stump. ann romney sits down to talk to the women of "the view." mitt romney bowed out of that opportunity. and mrs. obama sits down on "live! with kelly and michael" to talk about the spouses of the debate. >> i compared it to the olympic parents watching their kids on that balance beam. like, oh, you know. lots of clenching. >> you have to be conscious, because the camera's always on you. so in yore head, you've got to be going, get 'em, baby! get 'em! yeah, that's my man! >>> the nationwide outbreak of fungal meningitis
not appear concerned that the u.s. and libyan authorities may be trailing him. >>> decades of boy scout documents previously confidential are now public record. the so-called perversion files detail thousands of cases of alleged sexual abuse by more than 1200 scout leaders and volunteers. the files cover a 20-year period from 1965 to 1985. the head of the boy scouts of america is expressing his regrets. >> there's no question that there are times in the past that these go back to 40, 50 years old, where we did not do the job that we should have. and for that, and for people -- and for that we're profoundly sorry. and i am convinced that this organization has a firm and ever-lasting deep commitment to youth protection. >> today the scouts require background checks on all volunteers. >>> federal health officials say a batch of steroids was definitely tainted with a deadly fungus. now this is a first official confirmation linking the back pain shots with a deadly meningitis outbreak. it's left 20 people dead and infected more than 250 people in 16 states. the fda is testing two more batche
says the buck stops with her in the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> i take responsibility. i'm in charge of the state department. 60,000-plus people all over the world. >> also this morning, love your flaws. supermodel tyra banks is going to join us, telling women everywhere that they are flawsome. she's having a flawsome ball this week. also a talk with carole simpson, the first african-american presidential debate moderator. other guests, congressman steve israel from new york. debate is in his district. jen psaki with the obama campaign is going to join us and pop star mica. >> october 16th, a tuesday, "starting point" begins right now. >> morning, welcome, everybody. "starting point" this morning is the rematch. in just about 14 hours president obama, mitt romney, will square off in the second presidential debate. it's going to take place here. the debate hall on the campus of long island's hofstra university. going to be a town hall-style event, moderated by our very own candy crowley. candidates taking direct questions from a group of uncommitted voter
insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long. >>> welcome back to "starting point." finally u.s. financial markets will reopen today after being closed for two days from hurricane sandy. u.s. stock futures are trading higher this morning. new york city mayor michael bloomberg will ring the opening bell at the stock exchange today. most big banks have waived their fees for customers affected by sandy. all the banks shown here have waived some fees, including overdraft fees, late fees on loans and also fees for using out-of-network atm machines. which just seems natural because you don't want people trudging around someplace out of the way to try to get money out of banks. >> absolutely. christine, thank you. new developments to tell you about in breezy point, queens, that's where a massive fire, we showed you the pictures yesterday morning, destroyed 80 homes. maybe more. hurricane sandy was bearing down on that city. now there's a strong smell of gas in the area. utility poles apparently spontaneously burst into flames this morning. deb feyerick is live in the area with the very
. >>> a veteran diplomat coming out of retirement to serve as the senior u.s. envoy in libya. laurence pope is tapped for the diplomatic post a month after the death of u.s. ambassador christopher stevens in the benghazi consulate attack. pope retired from the foreign service twelve years ago. >>> the 2012 nobel peace prize awarded just a couple of hours ago. it didn't go to a person. but the european union. takes the prize. the eu was formed out of the rubble of world war ii and for more than six dpek aids it has promoted democracy and reconciliation across europe. the nobel committee noted that the eu is now battling one of the worst economic crises ever. >>> mission 26 is the shortest and slowest mission ever for the space shuttle "endeavour." the retired spacecraft began the journey overnight from l.a.x. to its retirement home at the california science center. big crowds are expected as "endeavour" snakes its way through the straights of los angeles at a whopping 2 miles per hour. the 12-mile trip will make 46 hours, and it ends tomorrow night. >>> the detroit tigers and san francisco g
. ♪ >>> welcome back. u.s. futures unchanged. stocks not that far from five-year highs. weak economic data from china but we're waiting for friday's big jobs report. cnn economists expect 110 jobs were added in september. the jobless ra rate likely steady at 8.1%. >>> the housing market is turning a corner. new data from core logic show home prices are rising faster than expected. home prices were up 4 .6% in august compared with a year ago. majority of economists surveyed by cnn analysts say home prices have already turned higher or will turn higher later this year. that is an improvement from just three months ago when only half thought this would happen some time in 2013. >>> guys, gentlemen, listen up. if you're up for a promotion, you might want to consider a power buzz. a recent study by the wharton school in pennsylvania found men with shaved heads are perceived to be more masculine and dominant, and in some cases better leaders. in one test they were perceived about an inch taller and 13% stronger than same-sized men with hair. >> if i were a man -- >> that is false. >> balderdash, he s
himself in the hotel. later gunman was killed. >>> lee weeks later u.s. special operations forces are now in libya helping gather intel on militants who were allegedly involved in the attack on the american consulate in benghazi that killed four americans. military officials tell cnn that includes intercepting communications and analyzing drone images and one object one interviews with people who have information. the military is also providing security for an fbi team that's now on the ground. >>> the first two weeks of the national hockey season now officially on ice. canceled. league canceled regular season games through october 24 because of the player lockout. negotiations between the nhl and the players union are stalled on a new labor contract. >>> tonight two wild card matchups in baseball. it is a new one and done format where the winner moves on and loser goes home. american league, surprising baltimore orioles that made the yankees sweat a little and will take on the rangers and josh hamilton in arlington. first pitch, 8:37 p.m. eastern. national league, it is the defending cha
. >>> welcome back to "starting point." i'm alison kosik and i'm minding your business. stock futures in the u.s. are up, indicating futures will open higher this morning. the jobless claims are expected to show that there's more evidence of weakness in the jobs market. >>> a new report shows that people are saving more and borrowing less to pay down credit card debt. plus, credit card delinquencies are at their lowest level in 11 years. the report from the american banker's association says only 2.93% of bank card accounts were 30 days or more overdue in the second quarter. >>> and home appliance maker kitchenaid is apologizing this morning for a political tweet they sent out during the debate last night. the tweet about the president's grandmother read -- look at this, "obama's grandmother even knew it was going to be bad. she died three days before he became president." the company wrote on twitter, "deepest apologies for an irresponsible tweet that is in no way a representation of the brand's opinion." the tweet has since been removed. a big oops, huh, soledad? >> it was somebody on the twit
's called hurricane sandy. already 21 people in the caribbean are dead. the east coast of the u.s. is squarely in the hurricane sights. this is a view of sandy from outer space packing sustained winds at this hour of 85 miles an hour off the coast of miami. looking more and more likely that the northeast will be slammed by this storm and that it's going to happen sometime early next week. let's get right to rob marciano tracking the hurricane for us in the extreme weather center in atlanta. good morning. >> good morning, soledad. an extraordinary event no doubt about it. first of all to have a hurricane this strong this late in the season and then make its way up the eastern seaboard. that's unusual. let's talk about it. 80-mile-per-hour winds right now, just a category 1. but we shouldn't say just because it's probably going to be a category 1 or similar to when it makes land fall but it's going to transform into something really much bigger than that. about 200 miles or so east of miami. they're getting hit with wind and rain and some waves. and big waves are going to be rolling
souls on board. u.s. coast guard doing its best to get out there, to get people off that ship. this is a ship that lost propulsion, not able to go, at the mercy of the sea just floundering right now. definitely a bad situation that they're trying to deal with. >> oh, my gosh. sounds absolutely horrible. george howell updating us on what's happening on the outer banks. >>> here in new york city, everything's shut down. we haven't seen the inclement weather that we saw in ocean city and maryland, but we are expecting it to come our way. but they've shut down the subways. they've shut down the buses. they've shut down the schools. central park, they kicked everybody out at 5:00 last night. john berman is a little bit south of me, in battery park city, where they are predicting a severe storm surge. tell me a little bit of what they're expecting where you are in the evacuation zone. >> soledad, this is the evacuation zone. battery park, also staten island, areas in brooklyn and queens as well. they're concerned a storm surge from six to eleven feet high. that's a full two feet hig
billion. admiral robert parker is with the u.s. coast guard and will update us on what we can expect now that the storm has passed through. admiral parker, thanks for talking with us. let's start with new york harbor, for example. we were told there were 32-foot waves. lots of those waves caused the storm surge we saw in lower manhattan and that was record-breaking storm surge. it ended up being 14 feet. talk to me about the aftermath of that. >> morning and thank you. certainly our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones. this has been a major storm, as you've been advertising, very chaot chaotic, trying to get a seps of what's happening. air crews are out now, 860 and 865 helicopters are on staten island and rockaway. there are a lot of issues out there. we're taking this in priority of safety of life, either search and rescue or statutory authorities. search and rescue coordinator for the larger federal fema effort. while we're out there we're looking for the marine transportation system, reconstitution so we can get goods and services moving. when the waves are that big, navi
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Search Results 0 to 45 of about 46 (some duplicates have been removed)